Disneyland Paris – Part 1

I didn’t know where to start with this post! I took over 400 photos from the five days we were in Disneyland, and although I’ve been three times previously in the last two years, it never gets boring taking so many photos! It’s just such a beautiful place. This time I had an actual camera with me as well as my phone, so photos are a mixture of my iPhone and the Fuji camera. I’m splitting the trip into two parts as there is a lot of photos, I managed to whittle them down to my favourites although I still feel like there’s loads I’ve left out! Maybe sometime in the future I’ll do a post of photos taken in previous trips as well. Can never have enough Disney photos!

Disneyland Park

As we were there for five days, we pretty much went in both parks everyday, although we spent most the day on Tuesday in the Studios and on Wednesday we were in the main park. I’m going to focus on the Disneyland Park for this post, showcasing the beautifulness of the park (it’s much more picturesque than the Studios – that’s more for the thrills!). If you wonder about the change in weather/sky, these photos were all taken over the few days we were there, not all in one day. Luckily we had mostly beautiful sunny weather albeit cold, only on Tuesday morning was it a bit drizzly.

Walking down Main St., there’s Christmas songs playing, whilst periodically fake snow gets pumped out onto the street, giving it that Christmassy feel – even though the sun is shining and the sky is blue and clear! I managed to get a nice photo of the snow backlit by the sun with the biggest Christmas tree in the background which greets you when you first enter the park.

Exploring Fantasyland, we managed to get quite a few of the rides in in a short space of time, the queues for these rides were barely 5 minutes – I think it helped that there was a parade on at the time!

Adventureland is a favourite place of ours as this is where Pirates of the Caribbean is! Although it’s a simple water ride with a little drop, it’s just lovely going round seeing everything. I’m looking forward to going back in the future to see the refurbishment they’re doing next year, bringing the ride up to date with other PotC rides in other Disneyland parks incorporating the characters from the films. We ended up dong this ride three times whilst we there – best time to do the ride is in the evening when you pretty much walk straight onto the ride!

One thing that I was most determined to do on this trip was to get on Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland. The last two times we had been the ride was closed for refurbishment, and was due to reopen on Saturday 17th December, the day after we got home! Luckily I had seen on one of various Disneyland Paris fan twitter accounts (I’ll detail these in a later post – going to do a post with tips and reviews at some point) that there would be soft openings for the ride throughout the week, so everyday we were in the park I had to go hang around for a little while to see if they were letting people on the ride. On Thursday I saw people in the queue line, so we rushed over and luckily got through, I was so happy! Unfortunately an hour later we were still queueing for the ride, having seen empty carriages going round the track for awhile before we were evacuated and told to come back tomorrow. Gutted. But 11 o’clock on Friday, our last day, we walked into Frontierland to see a big queue forming outside the entrance. So we got in the queue and around half an hour later we were on the ride! It was so good a lot longer than what I had remembered and made my day! The Molly Brown riverboat was also open, something that I had never been on before, and so was excited to go on that too.

I found out that there was some limited edition baked goods being sold in one of the shops, Candy Palace – macaroons and cupcakes in the shape of Mickey! I just had to try them, so I ordered some chocolate macaroons whilst Paul had a salted caramel cupcake with Mickey ears. The macaroon was yummy, I wish I had bought more and brought some home!

Parades & Night-time

We were determined to see both the Christmas parade and the normal parade and of course watch Disney Dreams of Christmas. Disney Dreams will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen and the first time I saw the show last March, Paul proposed to me not long after.

Paul got much better photos of the parade than I did (he has a much more fancy and expensive camera) and you can see his photos here so I don’t have many to show, and the main parade it being dark by then so the majority of my photos weren’t focused or had too many heads in the way! But I got some nice photos of the park at night looking all Christmassy and of the Disney Dreams Christmas show (which I personally thought the normal show is much better – I’m not a fan of Frozen!).

Of course, like I’ve mentioned at the beginning there is so much more to the parks than these photos but you’d be here forever going through this post if I included everything, and I didn’t even get everything anyways (this time at least. I’m sure if I look through photos from all my trips I’ve got most things covered!).

The next part of this trip post will cover the Walt Disney Studios park, where we visited Bistro Chez Remy, the restaurant based on Ratatouille, for the first time!

Part 2