Disneyland Paris – Part 2

Walt Disney Studios Park

The Studios park is my favourite in terms of rides. Mostly because it has The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – I’ve lost count the amount of times Paul and I have been on that ride over our visits! This park is definitely more for the thrill-seekers, even though the Disneyland Park has its own fair share of rollercoasters, they just don’t compare to the Studios. The one downside to the Studios is the queues for most the rides are a lot longer and more constantly longer than the Disneyland Park and the shorter opening hours (in colder months at least) don’t help.

This year a new show was added to replace Animagique – Mickey and the Magician. I would definitely recommend seeing it, it’s even won awards already! I didn’t get any photos, it’s too dark on there and you should just enjoy the show anyways. I tried not to spend too much time taking photos and filming shows and parades this time, and just to enjoy it in the moment.

Crushes Coaster is a hugely popular ride, and always has at least an hour queue for it, but it’s so good that you just have to grin and bear the queue and do it. It’s worth it!

The Studio Tram Tour is good, not the best attraction by far, but worth doing just for a couple of bits of it. At one point feels like you’re back in London! Well, kind of…

Bistrot Chez Remy

I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant from seeing photos of it, as it looked amazing inside as you’re shrunk down to the size of a rat, but the prices and lack of food options has always put me off. But this time, we decide we had to do it and I’m so glad I did. The food was actually really lovely, an expensive meal by our standards but we did have three courses each, something neither of us do very often as we’re not big eaters! The restaurant itself was picturesque, and lucky for us having booked the last time slot that day the restaurant want that busy so managed to get some nice photos of the restaurant with barely a sole in sight!

Steak & chip with a side of ratatouille at Bistrot Chez Remy

I didn’t get any decent photos of the Toy Story land this trip as when we were there on the Tuesday, it was wet and the sun was low and bright meaning the couple of photos that I got were too backlit and didn’t show of the colourfulness of the place. I have some photos from a previous trip I’ll dig out for another post though.

This trip was definitely our last visit for a while (four times in two years sounds ridiculous!) so we made sure that we made the most of it. Was so gutted to be leaving on the Friday knowing that it was a long time till we were back but as we’re planning on doing Disney in Florida for our honeymoon, a year and a half will go quickly, right?