The most amazing invention in technology

Back in December (seems like a lifetime ago!), I finally bought myself an iPad Pro and pencil.

And it is worth every penny.

I have a full time job, where I sit at a desk for 8-9 hours a day, so the past couple of years I have really struggled with wanting to draw, as the last thing I want to do when I come from work is go sit at another desk. So the idea that if I got an iPad Pro, where I could sit literally anywhere (most importantly, the sofa), I could draw a lot more, made me want one so much. My husband told me to wait though, as Apple was most likely going to update the iPad Pro towards the end of 2018. And that they did!

So I treated myself, and even got a engraved pencil – just because it was free and I thought it was a cute idea, i’ve never had anything engraved in my life! – with HJD, neat that it could stand for both my (married) initials and Hayley Jade Design.

I’d done a few drawings on it already, but I spent around two weeks or so on and off on a portrait, trying to get to grips with app Procreate, and getting used to drawing on a screen (which is surprisingly quick by the way!). The one thing I was so looking forward to with drawing on an iPad compared to drawing pencil and paper, ws being able to draw hair better. Drawing hair has never been my favourite, but I found when I did it in photoshop a few years ago, I loved it so much as you can erase, add highlights and change it as much as you like – so much easier than pencil! I have to say, the amount of strands of hair I have drawn on this portrait is crazy, I dread to think how many it is.

So anyways, I like to see progress photos/videos etc of people creating things, so for those fo you out there who are like me, I (when I remembered!) screenshot my progress through drawing this portrait. I could spend forever playing around with it, but for now, it’s finished.

After playing around I added different colours/layers etc., because I love black ands hate portraits but I felt like I needed to have an experiment because I could. I ended up keeping it simple, adding some pink strips of paint. It changes it from just a portrait, I think, to something a little more… arty, I guess? Either way, I love it. & expect to see much more drawings from me, from now!