Wedding Invitations

I never knew that designing for yourself would be so hard! The amount of times I changed my mind was ridiculous, but looking back I‘m glad I changed my mind all those times. I always knew what the colour scheme was from the beginning (pale pinks/burgundys/green foliage) and I wanted the invitations to suit this but not be too colourful or fussy. Some of my earlier designs started off very dark! White was definitely the way to go, much cleaner and it goes with pretty much everything. And as our wedding was in May, I was always conscious of not making it look like a winter wedding, part of the reason as to why I went with lighter bridesmaids dresses – everyone assumed I was going to have burgundy!

So eventually, around December last year I was finally happy. I wanted everything to be created by myself and as I wasn’t quite confident (and I was running out of time) to draw the flowers, the alternative was we photographed them and I vectorised them, just to make them look more illustrative instead of just plonking a photo!

I do love them, but I would do something different now. I have this problem with my work that nothing is ever ‘finished’, it can always be improved, but I have to make myself stop somewhere!

Anyway, I’ll let the designs do the rest of the talking!

Our on the day stationery matched with the invitations, but I removed all floral elements to it in favour for real flowers and foliage. I loved the clean, minimalistic look it gave. Oh I wish I could go back to that day!