A Christmas Day Table

On a bit of a whim, I decided to create some stationery for the Christmas Day dinner at my parents. I’ve seen more and more people lately making their dinner tables look beautiful, not just your standard plates and cutlery fare, and for an occasion such as Christmas I thought, why not? No longer just for weddings (although ), I…

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Meet Luna

So after talking about it for quite some time, my husband and I decided to get a cat! It was no question that we would adopt, instead of buying, so we headed over to our local Cats Protection, and within 20 minutes of being there, fell in love with Luna.We only saw her, and not any other cats as I…

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The big new launch!

So for the past few months, I have been working on some exciting new products! From today, you’ll see brand new cards and for the first time, prints! Some will be personalised, some come in various colour options so I’m sure there is something for everyone! I’ve very much focused on wedding/anniversary designs for the majority of the new range,…

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Our First Wedding Anniversary at Disneyland Paris

It was only logical really that we should celebrate our first wedding anniversary at Disneyland Paris, it was our first trip there together that we got engaged. This would be our fifth trip to Disneyland Paris, but the first time that we would stay at the Disneyland Hotel, something I’ve always wanted to do, and we finally did it! I…

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The most amazing invention in technology

Back in December (seems like a lifetime ago!), I finally bought myself an iPad Pro and pencil. And it is worth every penny. I have a full time job, where I sit at a desk for 8-9 hours a day, so the past couple of years I have really struggled with wanting to draw, as the last thing I want…

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2019 Calendar

I had been designing myself a little yearly calendar for the kitchen – with technology the need for a paper calendar these days seems a bit pointless, until it comes to bin collections. The calendar we have had for the past year has been used solely only for us to know what bin collection week it is so I thought what was the point in buying a whole calendar for us not to use it for anything else – and so I thought I’d share it with you all as a free download for anyone who wanted a digital/printable calendar….

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Greetings Card Launch!

The day is finally here to be able to show you the greetings cards that I have been working on for the past couple of months!

I loved designing my own wedding stationery last year, that it made me want to design more, design what I liked. My full time job is as a graphic designer for gift packaging, and a majority of what I create is dictated by what other people want, so not necessarily what I want to create! So to be able to create for myself, and ultimately for anyone else who likes what I create, was something that I really wanted to do.

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Wedding Invitations

I never knew that designing for yourself would be so hard! The amount of times I changed my mind was ridiculous, but looking back I‘m glad I changed my mind all those times. I always knew what the colour scheme was from the beginning (pale pinks/burgundys/green foliage) and I wanted the invitations to suit this but not be too colourful or fussy. Some of my earlier designs started off very dark! White was definitely the way to go, much cleaner and it goes with pretty much everything. And as our wedding was in May, I was always conscious of not making it look like a winter wedding, part of the reason as to why I went with lighter bridesmaids dresses – everyone assumed I was going to have burgundy!

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Our Wedding Day

Over 2 and a half years from when we booked our wedding venue (all the way back in 2015!), our wedding day was finally here! It was the most perfect day, I couldn’t have asked for better. We have the most wonderful family and friends & without them the day wouldn’t have been the day it was….

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