The big new launch!

So for the past few months, I have been working on some exciting new products! From today, you’ll see brand new cards and for the first time, prints! Some will be personalised, some come in various colour options so I’m sure there is something for everyone!

I’ve very much focused on wedding/anniversary designs for the majority of the new range, as it was my own wedding that spurred me on to create this business, as I loved designing my own wedding stationery. So you’ll find cards and prints where you can personalise dates and names to commemorate a special day in your life, or as a gift for newlyweds! The date print is also perfect for a new arrival too!

There will also be art prints, which I’m excited to share! I’ve always had a passion for drawing and in recent years become rather fond of flowers and all things botanical, that I wanted to do a range of floral drawings. And these will be available to buy to pretty up your walls! I really enjoyed doing these, and will continue doing more so look out in the future for a new range of drawings!

I’m going about the new range differently to the greetings cards I launched last year. Because I wanted to do personalised offerings, this was something that I couldn’t go to a printer and get them to do, as a one off print (or two) would cost the earth compared to printing something in bulk. So after much debating, I ended up buying my own printer so pretty much most items in the shop now will be printed to order, giving me the chance to make sure that every order is as perfect as it can be!

So please feel free to have a ponder in the shop!