Work with me

work with me

Looking for a bespoke pattern illustration?

Or maybe need some branding and illustrations for your new venture? 


Then I may be the right person for you!

All my designs are hand drawn by myself (no stock images here!), so you'll get something bespoke that you only you will have!

So, what do you get?

You'll get a hand drawn custom design, for you to use exclusively. Digital files in the formats you need will be sent to you.


  • Repeat pattern (for fabrics, stationery etc.)
  • Individual smaller illustrations for your brand
  • Branding design, such as labels etc.
  • Single larger illustrations for book cover, website etc.

Please note my illustration style, and that I love drawing flowers, cats and food, so please don't be offended if there's something you'd like that I can't take on. I want to be able to give you the best that I can offer, and if there's something that I'm not 100% confident drawing/designing, I'd feel much happier that you find someone who is more suited to your needs.

Also please note, that all drawings are drawn and designed in CMYK. If you require spot colours, the illustrative style won't be suitable for you, but if I can create a vector design (i.e. line art such as the above image), then this can be done as spot.

How much?

It'll depend on the project, but prices start from £150. This time includes us going over the ideas you have, researching, drawing and designing, as well as all the digital files you need to be able to create your next project! Times will be approximated upon enquiry - drawing isn't a quick job!

I'm interested, now what?

Just drop me an e-mail at

Make sure to include an outline of the idea you have - doesn't have to be super descriptive to begin with: "I'd like a floral pattern with daisys" is a great start, as well as what your plans to do with the illustrations are, so whether it'll be used for fabrics, digitally etc. and we'll go from there! If you do have a budget, this is a great time to let me know.

Please don't send enquiries through social media DMs, I'll just ask for you to e-mail me instead, as DMs are very hard to keep track of!

E-mail me